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Teens IV

Jesus Agreda
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Serás capaz de describir experiencias de tu pasado, así como comunicar y responder a situaciones de tu vida diaria.

We will introduce you to the following topics:

  • Simple past, can, present continuous, comparatives, and superlatives.
  • Rules and regulations in the classroom, school, planes, etc
  • “Have to” to express necessity and obligation. Can and Can’t for permission and prohibition
  • Countries and nationalities review. Travel vocabulary.
  • “Going to” for plans review.
  • Travel problems and experiences. Things and objects to take on a trip.
  • Should and shouldn’t to give advice
  • Helpful language to talk about clothes
  • Can and could for requests review. 
  • Saying prices
  • Health and talking about how you feel
  • Body parts. Health problems.
  • Imperatives, should, shouldn't
  • Making party plans
  • Possessive pronouns and possessive -’s
  • Food, drink, and creating recipes
  • Review of countable and uncountable nouns with a/an, some and any
  • Recipes and dishes from around the world
  • Much, many, and a lot of with countable and uncountable nouns


Here is the level outline:

1. Teens IV 1st Month

Aug 28

2. Teens IV 2nd Month

Jul 24

3. Teens IV 3rd Month

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