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Teens V

Jesus Agreda
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Podrás comprender las ideas principales de cualquier conversación o texto sobre temas familiares o conocidos de la escuela o de la vida cotidiana.

We will introduce you to the following topics:

  • Have to, should, can, could, many, much, a lot of, some, any.
  • Filmmaking vocabulary.
  • Wh questions and yes or no questions.
  • Simple past, simple present 
  • Recreational activities. Sports and hobbies.
  • Pronunciation of –ed in past simple tense.
  • Inventions, experiences, and important past achievements.
  • The present perfect (irregular past participles)
  • Work and careers, an ideal career
  • Compare past simple and present perfect.
  • Adjectives to describe people.
  • Just, already and yet with the present perfect.
  • Jobs and work conditions.
  • The future with will.
  • Making predictions about important future situations.
  • Will and might for prediction.
  • Review holidays and important days.
  • Review the present continuous for future arrangements. Difference with going to.


Here is the level outline:

1. Teens V 1st Month

Aug 28

2. Teens V 2nd Month

Jul 24

3. Teens V 3rd Month

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