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Teens VIII

Jesus Agreda
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Podrás describir experiencias, planes y dar opiniones en casi cualquier situación, con mayor confianza y seguridad.

We will introduce you to the following topics:

  • Movie genres and more movie and film vocabulary.
  • Defining relative clauses.
  • Writing a biographical text. Review of life stages and accomplishments
  • Past perfect. Review of past participles.
  • Methods of transportation. Vehicles.
  • Difference between the simple present and the present continuous.
  • Art and literature vocabulary.
  • The passive present simple and the passive past simple
  • Science and space vocabulary. Planets.
  • Passive for New Information
  • Workplaces. Jobs and trades. Careers
  • Passive to describe a process
  • Means of communication vocabulary.
  • Reported Speech
  • Internet vocabulary. Slang and abbreviations. 
  • Reported speech: Modals
  • Review of family vocabulary, extended family. Describing your family.
  • Reported speech: Orders


Here is the level outline:

1. Teens VIII 1st Month

Aug 28

2. Teens VIII 2nd Month

Jul 24

3. Teens VIII 3rd Month

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